ARC can help you collect, analyze, and report both qualitative and quantitative data through survey services, focus groups, and interviews.

ARC Survey Services

Only the most thoughtfully designed and carefully implemented surveys provide high-quality data that you can have confidence in. The ARC experts will help you design a survey that meets your goals and will guide you through the development of customized questions to capture the information you need.

From designing effective questions to clearly and accurately reporting results, ARC provides high-quality survey services, products and responsive customer service.

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ARC survey services include:

  • Development of Questions and Questionnaires
  • Data Collection and Data Management
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Writing

Online or paper?

ARC has the capacity to administer large-scale, university-wide, and community-wide surveys either online or on paper.

Online Surveys

ARC will create your survey in Qualtrics and manage the administration from end to end.

Paper Surveys

For larger paper-survey projects, ARC will work with you to develop and process customized, scannable forms. ARC uses optical mark and image scanning to save you time and money. Scannable forms improve data collection accuracy, and our service captures both closed and open-end responses. We have a scanning capacity of up to 38,000 sheets per hour.

Focus Groups and Interviews

ARC collects qualitative data through focus groups and interviews, which help our clients gain a deeper understanding of their stakeholders’ attitudes and perceptions.

Focus groups bring together small groups of people for an organized discussion led by one of our evaluators, and interviews are conducted in a one-on-one format.

ARC will develop questions, facilitate focus groups and interviews, and report on the findings.

We can do focus groups and interviews in conjunction with surveys or as a separate service.

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Every project is unique.

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