The Stanford Achievement Test Series, Tenth Edition (SAT10), offered by Pearson, is a nationally normed multiple-choice achievement test used with confidence by administrators and teachers for more than 80 years.

SAT10 helps educators obtain reliable data to evaluate progress toward meeting state and national content standards. It also allows educators to make achievement and ability comparisons when administered with the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Eighth Edition (OLSAT 8), which the Assessment Resource Center also sells and scores.

Stanford 10 Online Store

The Assessment Resource Center sells and scores SAT10 for clients across the United States.

SAT10 Online Store

The Stanford Achievement Test Series helps identify academic strengths and weaknesses in both individuals and groups so educators can make informed curriculum and advisement decisions.

SAT10 offers:
  • Valid and Reliable Information
  • 13 Levels (K-12)
  • Grade-Appropriate Content
  • Easy-Hard-Easy Question Format
  • Materials to Support Interpretation, Instruction, and Parent Communication

SAT10 norms were updated in 2018, ensuring even more confidence about your placements and instructional planning.

Updated norms allow for the most current comparison of student performance against a contemporary representative national sample.

The recommended levels for SAT10 are provided below according to grade level and time of year.

1SESAT 2Primary 1
2Primary 1Primary 2
3Primary 2Primary 3
4Primary 3Intermediate 1
5Intermediate 1Intermediate 2
6Intermediate 2Intermediate 3
7Intermediate 3Advanced 1
8Advanced 1Advanced 2
9Advanced 2 or TASK 1TASK 1

Stanford 10 Forms

SAT10 has two forms: Form A and Form D. They are composed of the following subtests: Reading, Mathematics, Language, Spelling, Listening, Science, and Social Science.

SAT10 Forms A and D are identical with the exception of the format of the language test.

Form A

Uses a traditional approach that measures language proficiency through the assessment of language mechanics and expression

Form D

Uses a comprehensive approach that assesses language proficiency in a more holistic fashion that replicates the writing process as closely as possible

SAT10 Scanning, Scoring and Reporting Services offered by the Assessment Resource Center

Starting in 2019, ARC became licensed to sell and score nationally for SAT10 and OLSAT 8.

A scoring order sheet will be included in your shipment when you order exams. After testing, fill in the scoring order sheet and return it with the exams to be scored.

Download ARC’s SAT10 and OLSAT 8 Optional Products PDF for a description of optional reports.

The standard score report for SAT10 is $8.28 for machine-scorable booklets and $7.08 for machine-scorable answer sheets. When combined with OLSAT 8, standard scoring is $10.52 per machine-scorable booklet and $9.00 per machine-scorable answer sheet.
Note: A minimum order charge of $20 applies to all scoring orders.

The standard score report includes:

  • Home Report
  • Student Report with Content and Process Clusters
  • Group Report with Content and Process Clusters
    (one copy each of classroom, building, and district level groupings)
  • Student Record Label
  • Master List of Test Results
  • Master List Summary
  • District Academic Performance Standards Report
  • OLSAT 8 Summary Report
    (if OLSAT 8 is taken)

Optional reports may be purchased for $35 each (download the description of ARC’s optional reports):

  • Administrator’s Data Summary (district)
  • Profile Report (district)
  • Quintile Distribution Report – Longitudinal Trends (district)
  • Profile Report (building)
  • Ranked List of Three Subjects
  • Administrator’s Data Summary (building)
  • Quintile Distribution Report – Longitudinal Trends (building)
  • Lexile Scores
  • Student Academic Performance Standards Report
  • CD ASCII File of Raw Data
  • Additional Student Report
  • Bar Code/Student Labels

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