The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Eighth Edition (OLSAT 8), assesses student thinking skills and provides an understanding of a student’s relative strengths and weaknesses in performing reasoning tasks.

OLSAT features eye-catching graphics and a student-friendly easy-hard-easy format to keep students engaged and motivated.

Achievement/Ability Comparison Score

OLSAT may be administered in conjunction with the Stanford Achievement Series, Tenth Edition (SAT10), to obtain an Achievement/Ability Comparison Score to give educators a more complete picture of each student’s potential for success in school.

SAT10/OLSAT 8 Test Level Combinations

The recommended levels for SAT10 and OLSAT 8 are provided below according to grade level and time of year.

KSESAT 1/Level ASESAT 2/Level A
1SESAT 2/Level BPrimary 1/Level B
2Primary 1/Level CPrimary 2/Level C
3Primary 2/Level DPrimary 3/Level D*
4Primary 3/Level E*Intermediate 1/Level E
5Intermediate 1/Level EIntermediate 2/Level E
6Intermediate 2/Level FIntermediate 3/Level F
7Intermediate 3/Level FAdvanced 1/Level F
8Advanced 1/Level FAdvanced 2/Level F
9Advanced 2 or TASK 1/Level GTASK 1/Level G
10TASK 2/Level GTASK 2/Level G
11TASK 3/Level GTASK 3/Level G
12TASK 3/Level GTASK 3/Level G

*When combining OLSAT 8 and SAT10 testing in Spring Grade 3, OLSAT 8 Level D must be administered in a separate machine-scorable booklet. At Fall Grade 4, you may use the Primary 3 combination answer sheet for both SAT10 and OLSAT 8 Level E.

Working Time for OLSAT 8


*Includes preparation time

OLSAT 8 Products offered by the Assessment Resource Center

The following products are available in the Assessment Resource Center’s online store:

You must be associated with a school to purchase the products.

OLSAT8 Scanning, Scoring and Reporting Services offered by the Assessment Resource Center

Starting in 2019, ARC became licensed to sell and score nationally for SAT10 and OLSAT 8.

A scoring order sheet will be included in your shipment when you order exams. After testing, fill in the scoring order sheet and return it with the exams to be scored.

Download the Stanford Achievement Test Series Score Report Sampler for a description and samples of available reports.

Scoring for OLSAT 8 alone is $4.79 per machine-scorable booklet and $3.93 per machine-scorable answer sheet. When combined with SAT10, standard scoring is $9.15 per machine-scorable booklet and $7.83 per machine-scorable answer sheet. Additional score reports are available when OLSAT 8 is combined with SAT10. Visit the SAT10 page for more information.

Standard scoring for OLSAT 8 includes:

  • Master List of Test Results
  • Master List Summary by Building and District
  • Student Report
  • Group Report
  • Student Record Label