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This web-based tool allows Missouri school districts to create curriculum and then align that curriculum to state, and national educational standards. A wide variety of reports can be generated and compared with standardized test scores to reveal strengths and areas for improvement in the curriculum.

ARCAlign requires only an Internet connection and browser. No special hardware or software is required. No need to worry about installation, maintenance, upgrades, or backups. The Assessment Resource Center handles all of that for you! The ARC team is also available for expert, in-service training.

Features of ARCAlign:

For more information, please contact Erica Kassel, Senior Coordinator, at arcalign@missouri.edu or by phone at 573-882-4694 or 800-366-8232.

ARC is partnering with

ARC is partnering with eMINTS to provide a one-day training that will familiarize your teachers with the curriculum planning and the ARCAlign tool. An eMINTS instructional specialist will step your teachers through the process of curriculum creation including an overview of the critical Unit of Instruction components, such as standards alignment and formative assessment.

Learn more about the impact eMINTS can have on your students.

Contact eMINTS to schedule a training at 573-884-7202.