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Research and Evaluation Services - Survey Development and Execution Experience

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Survey Development and Execution Experience

  • University of Missouri’s Energy Strategies Student Advisory Group – ARC developed and administered a survey of 4,000 students to assess their knowledge and opinions concerning energy use on campus. ARC’s data analysis and outcome report on this survey may help in creating the next Campus Master Climate Action Plan.

  • The Missouri Bar – In support of The Missouri Bar’s mission to improve the legal profession, ARC develops and administers paper and online surveys to a random sample of 4000 Missouri lawyers on a biennial basis. This data collection and reporting provides the Bar with current economic and practice information about the lawyers they serve.

  • The University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) – ARC helped this 10-megawatt, internationally recognized research facility evaluate their employee’s work-life satisfaction with a collection of well-designed interviews, and focus groups and surveys.

  • DJ Case & Associates– This boutique public relations and communications firm works to achieve conservation and environmental outcomes around the world. ARC has mailed over 350,000 survey packets DJ Case. Projects have involved multiple waves of data collection from over 4,000 landowners and 30,000 dove hunters.

  • Missouri Department of Conservation – Every ten years, in partnership with MU’s Department of Rural Sociology, ARC distributes surveys to 20,000 Missourians using five waves in an effort to collect information on the needs and opinions of Missouri residents as it relates to Missouri’s forests, fish, and wildlife.

  • Teachers Opportunity to Learn (TOTL) – In partnership with MU’s College of Education, ARC distributed yearly surveys to over 1,000 mathematics teachers throughout Missouri for three years. This survey helped to shape the professional development policy and practice of mathematics teachers across Missouri and the nation.