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Research and Evaluation Services

The Assessment Resource Center (ARC) provides research and evaluation services in a variety of fields such as education, environment, law, social services, and medicine. ARC can collect and analyze the information you need for evaluation, improvement, or policy development.

If you are considering a research project or need evaluation services, contact us. ARC will suggest ways our staff can contribute to your project and provide a cost estimate at no charge and with no obligation.

– ARC can evaluate your organization’s programs or serve as an external evaluator on your federal grant. Our knowledgeable staff supports educators, organizations, and researchers in designing, coordinating, and executing complex research and evaluation projects.

– Only the most thoughtfully designed and carefully implemented surveys provide high-quality data that you can have confidence in. The ARC team will help you design a survey method that meets or exceeds your goals and guides you through the development of customized questions to capture the information you need. From question design to clearly and accurately reporting results, ARC provides high-quality products and responsive customer service.

– ARC can help you conduct scholarly research, review the research literature, or collect data to answer your most pressing questions, measure impact, or interpret your data. ARC can handle small tasks, or help take your research to scale. Contact us to discuss your needs.

- ARC supports post-secondary teaching and learning at the classroom and institution level through assessment and evaluation.