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Missouri Cares About Teaching (MoCAT) Mid-semester Course Evaluation

The University of Missouri’s mid-semester course evaluation instrument is supported by the Assessment Resource Center. MU's Teaching and Learning Center strongly encourages the use of the MoCAT survey. The revised questions are intended to gather formative information about various aspects of the class. We hope instructors will consider the feedback from students and be able to implement some of the suggested changes to whatever extent possible. The survey results are intended to provide instructors with valuable feedback regarding student perceptions of instruction and learning while showing students that instructors at the University of Missouri care about teaching.

The MoCAT evaluations can be deployed at any point during the semester, generally starting in week 4 of the semester, allowing instructors the opportunity to modify their classes to enhance teaching and learning throughout the remaining weeks of the semester. Instructors should assure students that their responses to the survey will remain anonymous – all student responses are aggregated into a single report for the instructor. Results are provided only to the person who launches the survey.

There are currently six forms, allowing instructors to choose the form most appropriate for any specific course type. Please note each form contains a number of selected response items and a few open-ended questions which allow the student to provide some typed comments.

The MoCAT tool is now available; click here to go to the MoCAT tool.